Our team consists of 8 persons, all architecture students in our fourth year in school (Architecture School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): George P. Grigoriadis, Iliana K. Papadopoulou, Stela A. Salta, Vassilis I. Aloutsanidis, Daphne E. Gerodimou, Dimitrios I. Chatzinikolis, Anastasia A. Printziou, Maria C. Petsani. This semester, on the basis of the studio “Spatial investigations: DOMES e/w” we designed a floating architecture installation behaving like an abstract dome.

Our work

The installation consists of balloons in various sizes that are wrapped with a “fabric” manufactured from tie wraps. We made several mock ups of the weaving with cable ties and came up with some results about the look of the surface. All this process is followed by an investigation with digital parametric design tools about the different areas of the “tie wraps fabric”.  The balloons will lift the whole structure about 1,80 meters above ground in order to allow the spectator to go underneath it.

Our intention is to make the outdoor space behind our school building a  “new place” that visitors and students will have the opportunity to interact with the floating structure, touch it and participate in a new spatial experience.